Know the guest, respecting their rights

Personal information collected on your guest’s WiFi must be safe and secure. Gialto complies GDPR, local privacy and data retention laws.
Using email and social networks login, Gialto can collect names, gender, age, types of devices used, e-mails, location, etc.

Guests personal data privacy rights

Understand the rights of the guest to access his/her data, rectification, erase or transfer. Always ask for consent and store it.
You only should collect what is (legitimately) needed and tell explicitly the guest for what you will use the data.

Integrated user data capture

Data capture with legal compliance

We ensure all information collection and storage are compliant with standards and local regulation, namely: GDPRLGPD and PCI-DSS.

LGPD LEI Nº 13.709 AUGUST 14 2018 – enters into force in 2020.
Article 52 of the LGPD establishes administrative sanctions that go up to 2% of the turnover of the company or business group.